The history of Arola

Arola Farmhouse is on the outskirts of Ruhtinansalmi The farmhouse was build in 1936. the then owner, Lempi, noticed the Russians coming  over the border and surrounding a neighbour,s house. Putting her 2 children in a sleigh and the third child run after her, she pulled them 10 km safety. Lempi was able to warn the villages on the other side of the river of the danger and inform the Finnish soldiers, who were in the nearby Juntusranta school about the invasion. Once the message was received,soldiers ordered villages to evacueed and went into action to defent the independence of Suomussalmi and Finland and Winter war began.
 During the Winter War, Russian soldiers stayed in the Arola house until their retreat in January. During the Second wolrd War 1942-44, German soldiers were living in the house throughout two winters, and one summer.  All the buildings were spared from both friendly and enemy fire, and are nowadays used for tourism.

 Today, Arola holds an annual, "Lempi,s hike" to commemorate their heroine.    

Arola historic farmhouse has been renovated to its current state during the winter of 1996-7. Upstairs in the house there are two bedrooms and downstairs there is a dining room, a sauna, and a room with a fireplace.

At Arola the bread is made in a traditional way and baked until crispy in a masonry oven.